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      Can i order sr700 for 220v deriverad to sweden



      I can’t see how to start a new topic, so …

      SR700 – how to adjust the fan/heat settings.

      My machine sat silent for 6 months (kitchen remodel.)

      Now, it just won’t get hot enough. EVEN on fan speed 1.
      Just barely hits 480.

      There are two covered holes on the top of the unit on either side of the readout that WOULD allow access to trimpots on the controller board, if you cut them out.
      I did.

      I will play with them, then post results here.
      If someone has methods, suggestions, caveats they would be appreciated.

      Suggestions on how to post photos would help, also.



      Under the label, on either side of the digital readout, there are holes in the plastic. Left center, the small hole has the fan adjust. Only a little change to the fan speeds, really.
      On the right, a larger hole has another trimpot. Not really sure what this is supposed to be, though it SEEMED to affect the heat. Perhaps a really fine adjust to the trigger-off or max temp. Didn’t help. What did help was a program Openroast at github. This would turn the heat on and off as set by the program.
      After two tries, best dark roast (my goal) ever.
      My sr700 will live a little longer.

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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