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      I have the SR500 and really enjoy using it. I am very interested in the SR700 but could someone share more screenshots of the software? Does it show and record the temperature curve? Will it automatically control a roast based on a previously saved profile?




      Ben, Just got my SR700 a couple of days ago. I’ll try to get some screenshots and info out within the next few days. I’ve only done a couple of roasts so far so I’m still getting use to both the manual and computer modes. This is also my first experience with home roasting, so this is all new to me. So far I’m having a lot of fun with it. It only took setting off the smoke alarms on the first attempt to learn I need to move this operation to a different location! -bpw



      BPW – thanks for the post. It appears that the SR700 has “digitized” the controls. I was curious if it 1) charted the temperature curve and 2) let you save a roast profile so that you could set it to “autopilot” next time if you liked the roast.

      Thanks, Ben.



      Hi Ben,

      The SR700 does not chart the temperature curve at this point. It does allow you to save profiles though for autopilot operation once you get a profile you like.

      I have saved some photos of the computer screen with the software in operation, but I haven’t quite figured out how to post the link to my shared Dropbox.

      Brad(aka bpw)



      Here is the link to my Dropbox of SR700 software roasting photos:


      Hope this works for you.


      This is from a customer with the SR700, he used an inexpensive computer just for roasting with the SR700. For someone that only has a desk top or apple computer.

      Thank you,

      “Some quick feedback and tips.

      First off, my SR700 arrived last Friday. Quick ship!

      Second, I ran one of my standard SR500 profiles using the buttons on
      the machine, and everything came out exactly as expected. So then I
      hooked it up to a desktop Windows 8 PC, downloaded the software from
      your site, and configured my profile on the SR700 software. Ran a
      batch. Perfect.

      Since I don\’t intend to do my roasting at my desk, I found a Toshiba
      Windows 8 tablet, specifically the Toshiba Encore Mini WT 7 ($120).
      The tablet arrived today. Got the software installed, and created the
      profile again. Haven\’t roasted yet, but I can tell everything will
      work. I added a USB A to USB mini adapter. The tablet RUNS the
      roaster. The Encore Mini is a 7\” tablet with a small footprint –
      perfect for the kitchen.

      So all the news is good. Be sure to tell your prospective buyers that
      any Windows 8 tablet will work with the roaster via USB. This is a big

      I\’m going to post a review on Amazon, though I\’m not sure you are
      the seller there, and I\’m going to start a new thread on the air
      roaster forum on Sweet Maria\’s. As I\’m sure you know, AN is huge in
      the home roast market.

      This little machine is a major game changer. Not only do you not have
      to stand beside it to add a step in a roast, but it will enable
      storing roast profiles for repeat roasts. I keep eight beans in
      inventory and use seven of them to make up an almost infinite number
      of blends. Each of my blends demands very small but meaningful
      alterations to the roast profile. This machine solves a big problem
      for me and others like me that have been doing home roasting for a

      Looks like you have the winner.”


      We would also like to hear feedback on the software. We are going to make an update first of the year and wanted to hear what people using the SR700 would like to see. You can contact us through our website or on this forum and we can make it happen. Such as graphs of temperature and time, being able to mark the graph when first crack and second crack have been reached. Also temperature alarms??

      Thank you,



      Sam and Brad,

      Thanks for the feedback and the photos. How many steps can be added to the program?

      I would really like to upgrade to the 700 from the 500 but without a visual component (like a graph showing temperature and plotting fan settings) I am not sure it is worth it yet. I use the Roastermaster app to plot my fan and temp settings, but I would gladly ditch this app if the 700 software included the graph.




      It’s worth it.
      Another 700 user who had a 500 posted a comment on the Sweet Maria’s forum on SR700’s that if your 500 works and you have all your roast profiles nailed, don’t worry about upgrading.
      But if you need a new roaster, the 700 is a huge improvement.
      Number one benefit is the temperature readout.
      As someone relatively new to roasting, I don’t see how you can roast coffee without knowing the temperature.
      If you’ve been doing without, you will be amazed at how much temperatures vary throughout the roast and from one batch to the next. Yet from what I’ve read and what I’ve experienced, it seems to be the most important element to creating a good roast. Hitting the right temperature at the right time is the key to creating and understanding a good roast.
      The other benefit is the ability to save the profile. I find you have to tweak on the fly almost every roast depending on ambient temperature, quantity and type of beans, and whether the roaster is warm or cold, but having a fixed structure to start with is a big advantage. Sometimes you can even just sit back and watch.
      When I first started I told my friends they probably didn’t have to spend the extra for the 700. But after gaining a little more experience with it, I would tell anyone to go for it. It’s worth the extra money!



      I just purchased the SR700 last weekend and cannot get the program to work at all. I loaded the program on 3 computers and none of them will run the program. I’ve tried it on my asus laptop running windows 8.1. tried it on my daughters laptop and also the home computer running vista which throws an error when trying to download. I’m wondering if anyone else has had issues like we have had.


      I had a customer have an issue, it was that his ad aware software was filtering the download. Here is a step by step process that I did for a customer.

      The disk is very familiar with the program on our website. The download on our website is the most current to work with the windows 7, 64 bit system. I just deleted the software on my personal computer and started from scratch. I would uninstall all the software that you have downloaded or loaded into your computer.

      First download Peazip
      http://peazip.sourceforge.net/ This is the 3rd party program that will open the file

      Then visit our website


      Click on the “Here” for downloaded software
      Your computer will start the download.
      Open the file, PEAZIP should open the file
      It will have a folder called FRESH BEANS SR700
      double click the folder
      Now there are 2 things in the folder System is one and SETUP
      Double click System
      Now it gives you three options,
      Windows 7 32 bit
      Windows 7 64 bit or
      Windows XP
      Talking on the phone, I think you had the Windows 7 64bit
      double click the Windows 7 64 bit
      A warning will come up, click OK
      and it should start the install wizard for the software. Just like the CD.

      Let me know how that works



      I figured out that I must of had a bad disk. I downloaded from the website and everything is working good.

      Thanks Sam For your help

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