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      I have a friend who compared roasting his SR500 with my SR500 and confirmed a problem I’ve been having. My SR500 takes twice as long to roast beans as my friend Ian’s SR500.

      In as side-by-side roast, Ian’s SR500 was done an espresso roast — dark beans with oily sheen, while mine had barely managed a second crack. And once my roaster was done, the beans were darker, but without an oily sheen.

      Ian’s technique has been to run the fan on high with the temperature set to high, until the first crack. After the first crack, Ian turns his fan down 20-25%, and continues roasting until he sees dark beans and oily sheen.

      Ian’s SR500 completes a roast in 10 minutes, and my SR500 can take upwards of 20 minutes.

      It appears my SR500 roaster runs cooler.

      Question 1
      My SR500 is past the warranty period, so I’m wondering if there’s a factory setting I can adjust to increase the heat for the High temperature switch position?

      Another issue I’ve experienced has to do with a large number of beans exhibiting small round 1/16 – 1/8″ divots.

      I’ve been told the divots are pieces of the outer shell that are pushed explosively from the bean by steam buildup below the surface. I tried roasting at a lower temperature and that dramatically reduces the divots, but increases the roasting time to 30 minutes, and achieves no more than a French roast.

      Question 2
      Has anyone else experienced divots when roasting, and have you found a solution that prevents divots?

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