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      Ken, I was apparently tired last night and got yours and Jeff’s profiles files mixed up…in hindsight his wasn’t at 5 either but somehow as I was messing with his, it got changed to 5 and I changed it back to 9 but he did start off with half a minute- something that would not work for the beans I use- I start at 2 1/2 and lately some of my roasts are at 3 mins on high fan (low temp) to begin with. Btw, I’m really happy that you joined the FB group- it’s going to be a blast as we learn more about this machine, roasting in general and also as the new software interface comes on (which is promised from Sam who messaged me on the way to Vegas yesterday).
      Night and I’ll see you again either here or on FB or both!



      Good morning- I noticed a message in my email this morning that was an entry to this thread…the radial buttons in the program- great idea! I think that and a way to graph the progress of the roast – temp, time and fan speed if possible…seems it wouldn’t be that difficult. Even if it could be some type of spread sheet type out-put, we can use that and graph it ourselves.



      I just recently bought a SR700 after using a SR500 for a year. The airflow of the 700 is far less than that of the 500. Has anyone else experienced this?



      Hi Cottondude,
      I will pull apart an sr700 today and see if there is a master fan adjust under the control board. The Sr500’s all have the fan adjust knob then a fan adjust screw in the control board that lets the manufacturer set the fan before we ship. I will contact you through the email you sent us today.

      Thank you,



      Hi Sam,

      Any updates?




      Learned something new about coffee beans that relates to the SR700 (or any air roaster). I’d been looking for Mexican beans because I have found they make the best French Roast. Sweet Maria’s has been out of them ever since I discovered this and mentioned it on their site. :(
      So I ordered some from Burmans Coffee. The beans are wonderful, and the customer service at Burmans was really outstanding. I accidentally ordered the “peaberry” version of the beans which are very small, very dense and hard beans. They are a delicious bean, but between their size and density, the SR700 has a really hard time moving them. I ended up more than doubling my “dry cycles” and roasting at higher fan speeds than usual. Ended up with some great coffee, but had about twice as many burned beans as usual. (I always pick out the black ones.)
      I would recommend paying attention to this detail, and avoiding the pea berries if there is a “flat bean” option. BTW I got this some of this info direct from Jon Burman who went above and beyond in taking care of a very minor issue I had with my order, addressing my problem personally, and sending me some flat beans to try just because he realized that was what I probably intended to get!



      On a related note, and directing this to the Fresh Roast product development guys:
      I always get about 1/2 a dozen or so burnt beans with every roast, and I suspect this is a result of the shape of the metal base of the glass roasting chamber.
      I wonder if this problem would go away if the bottom edge of the metal were reshaped so the outside edges were less square and curved more gradually from the flat bottom to the glass. I don’t think it would take much, but I find that beans often stick on that bottom edge when I’m doing a really dark, oily roast and I think this is where they get stuck and burn during the roast.



      I have had that issue when the fan speed wasn’t enough for the beans- always start off with a drying cycle of 2.3 to 3 mins with fan on high- this seems to help a lot.

      Btw, the Facebook group has really taken off!
      19 members now- come and join us if you aren’t already a member. Great discussion there on some plans for the future program for these machines! You can give input there too!


      David CygnusX1

      I’m having issues and it’s really starting to drive a stake into my soul. I’ve roasted 2 lbs of Colombian, and no matter how I roast, the Beans ALL smell burnt. I’m getting ZERO proper Coffee aroma from anything I’m roasting.

      I’ve even tried roasting on low and max fan speed for 4 minutes and still the Coffee smells like burnt crap.

      Any suggestions?

      PS: I can say with absolute confidence that Roastmasters.com has horrible customer service. Avoid them. Between receiving no paperwork/manual with the machine and being blessed with a defective loading disk, I’ve yet to get a reply regarding any of my issues. If it wasn’t for Tim at Home Roasting Supplies, I’d still be staring at my unused 700.



      I feel your pain! OW!
      Are you saying that your beans are getting roasted in 4 minutes on high at low temp? That should be impossible.
      What temperatures are you reading?
      Are the beans moving?
      It sounds to me like your roaster may be defective – either the fan isn’t working properly or the temp control is way out of whack.

      A typical roast should start off at High fan, low or med temp for a couple of minutes. You should see beans moving fairly rapidly with some jumping in the middle, and temps at about 350-380 at the end of the 2 minutes, then you should slowly ramp up the temps by lowering fan speed and raising temp until you reach about 480 – 520.
      The beans should always be moving. Watch a bean at the bottom of the roasting chamber to make sure it’s not just staying in one place. If it is, you need to increase the fan speed until the beans dry out and move at lower speeds and higher temps.
      The unit should max out at 520 degrees.
      I assume you’ve read all the stuff about first and second crack.
      You shouldn’t hear first crack until your temps are about 460 degrees or more – I find 480 plus is better. If I get up to 510 plus during first crack I might try to lower it a little.
      Depending on how dark you like your roast and what kind of beans you’re roasting, you can stop any time after first crack, but I like to get a minute or so into second crack because I like a really dark roast.
      If you’re doing all this, it could be your beans. I started out with Columbian too – “the richest kind” you know. That’s bogus. There are a lot better beans.
      Buy from Burman’s Coffee Roasters or Sweet Maria’s to get the best beans.
      It could be you have some very delicate beans, or some that just have a smoky flavor.
      Hope this helps.
      Give us some more specifics on what’s showing on your screen, and I’m sure we’ll all try to help!


      David CygnusX1

      Hey Jeff, thanks!

      Yeah so at low temp and max fan speed its plains out between 360. I’ve let in brown and at about the 3 min mark I drop the fan speed to 8 and or 7 and move to the med temp.

      At about first crack, I start getting the aroma of burning. I can’t get past first crack without the Coffee smelling burnt.

      I will retry one last batch following your exact steps and report back. I want desperately for this just to be user error because I can’t imagine the ordeal that awaits trying to return my machine to roastmasters.


      David CygnusX1

      So at about a min in my roast temp is cresting at 410 with a lower variable of 15 degrees.. Fan 9/temp lo

      At two minutes and thirty seconds the temp is at 420 and climbing. Fan speed 9, temp set low.

      At 5 minutes the temp is 430 even..

      First crack is at around 6 min at a temp of 446..

      Slowing the fan speed to 7 and adjusting temp to high, my max temp only reach’s 456 degrees.

      End result is once again, burnt :(



      David, those temps are correct for low heat setting (maxing out around 430F), but definitely wrong for high. My medium heat peaks out at around 462-4, and high heat peaks around 519. 456 is way too low for a high heat maximum.

      By the way, there are a lot of helpful people over on the FB group, including someone from HRS.


      David CygnusX1

      Hey Ken, yeah, it seems like, based on what I read about the 500 and fluid bed tech in general, that fan speed directly effects temp flux. I assumed that at the max fan speed, my temp would be in the low to mid 300s.

      Based on that, my temp shouldn’t be raging into the 400s, especially powering through 4oz of green beans.

      That said, I guess its clear why the beans are burning. With those consistent temps,at least on the onset, the hulls are charring. Am I wrong?


      David CygnusX1

      On a side note, Jeff, I buy my Coffee from Cafe Imports. They are super classy folks and their Beans are the top. I’m a stickler for USDA Organic Coffee and they provide all sourcing info/certifications upon request.

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