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      I’m afraid I don’t have anything for the Guatemalan you mentioned, although I do have some Guatemalan beans I plan to roast soon.
      I’m tempted to try downloading a couple of my profiles though. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not sure this is even a good idea due to the variables I’ve seen even in roasting under the same conditions at home. Just yesterday I roasted some beans I have done several times, and for some reason my temperatures were way down and I had to extend the time by almost four minutes as well as reduce the fan speed from 5 to 3 to get the heat up. I have no idea why.
      That being said, I have a couple of profiles that I use for almost everything lately, generally with minor modifications. One is for larger, lighter beans and the other for smaller denser ones. I’m curious to see what would happen to the brave soul who might try them in a different machine and environment!
      As far as I can tell, there is no way to upload the files to this site, but I think I might be able to do it on the Sweet Maria’s site.
      I’ll update you here if I succeed.
      If anyone knows how to upload a file here, please let me know and we’ll give it a try!



      Yeah, I would think emailing profile to each other would work if you can’t get them uploaded here or there.

      On a separate note, I found the Home Roasting Supplies Face Book page today and posted on it. I asked if there was a dedicated FB page for FreshRoast owners. I suspect there isn’t one. I’m wondering if maybe we (I) should start one, but want to get approval of the owners of the patent on the product first. Anyway, it would be much easier to go there and share ideas, files, etc… I’m on FB anyway and it would just be one click away for me there. I think it would generate interest and would most likely aid to the sale and propagation of these awesome machines… What do you think?

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      I see your point with the buttons. I will be going to Vegas to meet with our engineers in person and have a couple things already on my list to talk to them about. I will definitely make a note to change the way we adjust the roaster.
      Thank you,



      I would have started a new topic here but I could not figure out how to do that so I am just adding this information at the end of this thread.

      I have started a Facebook group for the Fresh Roast series.
      Please ask to join and I’ll add you.
      Once you’re added, you can add others.
      It’s not a secret group but if you’re not a member you can’t see the posts.
      Only rules are to have fun, be nice to each other and it’s not about furthering a personal agenda (like promoting your business, politics, religion, etc.).
      If you have friends who roast (even if they don’t own a Fresh Roast) but are interested in the the Fresh Roast, I don’t see any reason they can’t be a member either.
      My hope is that we can trade ideas, share files, etc. and aid in improving our roasting skills and the Fresh Roast roaster and its software (SR-700).

      The group name on Facebook is “FreshRoast Coffee Roasters” (yes one word with the F and R capitalized) if you search for it- the icon is a coffee mug if you’re on a mobile device.
      If it’s easier to just click on a link, here is is. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1471311819774625/

      Come join me there and let’s have some fun!



      @jeff, there appears to be a way to embed an image here, but that wouldn’t help. Actually the profile files seem to be simple text files, so with just a wee bit of editing they can make sense being pasted right into a message. Here’s the last profile I used:

      The first number is clearly the fan speed, the second the time (in tenths of seconds), and the last the heat setting. I messed up the fan settings on the last two entries: Those should be reversed (5 for the ‘low’ setting, and ‘9’ for the ‘cool’ one). I tried to correct it on the fly, but it wouldn’t let me; it kept wanting to insert a new step instead. VERY frustrating.



      I’m still a very new user (and novice roaster), so I think that as I become more used to using the SR-700 I’ll grow to like it even more. I do find using the software to be very frustrating at times, and am excited by some of the suggestions made earlier in this thread. In particular the idea of programming for a target temperature at target times sounds great (but very difficult to actually do, programatically). But really almost any changes from how it currently works would likely be an improvement on usability. :-)



      @Ken – Brilliant! If you open a .coff file in Notebook you can copy the text and paste it.
      Here is one of my favorites:
      I’m guessing if you paste the above back into Notebook and give it a .coff extension it should work!**
      (**Note: I edited this and added a carriage return before each “ATC” because a lot of the steps went away otherwise – you’ll have to remove all those returns before you save it as a .coff file to duplicate the original!)
      So TennDave etc. give it a try if you like. This has been my base program for most coffees that are good at City+ levels.
      But remember – environment and beans make a huge difference!
      I just bought some Mexican Terruno Nayarita peaberry beans that have required doubling all the drying times (the first 3 steps), increasing most of the fan speeds and eliminating a couple of steps – but these beans are quite different (small, and very dense) from anything else I’ve roasted. Use at your own risk!

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      So, I’ve been getting your posts by email on my iPhone and wanting to reply but somehow I couldn’t respond to them unless I’m logged in and you can’t log in (that I could figure out) by a mobile device, so I’m finally here at my computer.
      It’s really simpler than cutting and pasting to a text file. Just change the extension name from .coff to .txt
      I had been thinking about this for awhile and you guys confirmed it. Change the extension and post that or email it or whatever for exchanging and before you use the file change the extension back from .txt to .coff It should really be that simple. You could make a copy of the original .coff file to begin with (just in case this doesn’t work), then change it to .txt and back again and see if it works. Of course your computer is going to complain and ask, “Do you really want to do that?” or something like that but you do it anyway. Give it a try and see if it works!

      Btw, how about joining the FreshRoast Coffee Roaster Facebook page? Dave has already joined and so has Same from Fresh Roast!!



      The weirdest thing- I just looked for the location of my .coff files and low and behold they’re in my Documents folder just hanging loose. I had no idea- you would think they would be in the folder for the SR-700 under Program Files… Well anyway, I’m going to experiment a bit with these.

      So, I’ve done some text editing before when I was writing some language to flash an eprom in a DVD player years ago. It is very important that there are no spaces, etc. or the text won’t work as desired. Also, no returns to go to another line (like if you’re posting in the forum), so what you do is copy the file to a new location, change the .coff extension to .txt then open it. Once open, go to the top of the window in Notepad and hit Edit then “Select all” then Copy and then paste directly into the forum (if you’re sharing the file there). Leave a line open before and after where you’re sharing. The person wanting that file then just highlights every bit of what you’ve posted (being careful not to copy any space before and after the line of text) in the forum (it will probably do a word wrap where it’s posted in the forum but that’s okay). Then, paste that directly into an new Notepad file and Save the file as whatever name is desired, and close it. Last step is to change the .txt extension of the new file to .coff and then place that where your other .coff files are and you’re all set to try it out!

      I hope I didn’t ramble on and say too much of the obvious.

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      Oh, and make sure word wrap is off in the text you create- the line of instructions should be the top line only going on for what seems like forever- That’s the way it’s suppose to be. If it’s saved with word wrap on I’m not sure if the .coff file will work. Word wrap is found under the “Format” tab at the top of Notepad.

      Btw, Jeff I was able to grab your code you posted for the basic City+. Yes, back spacing each line to get rid of the carriage return seems like it worked to end up with one line of instruction. I’m in the process of converting it to .coff now, giving it the name “Basic City Plus” and I’ll put it in the Fresh Beans Roaster program and see if it reads okay. Thanks buddy!



      Ken, the profile you first posted that you say you used on your last batch- what level roast did it produce?

      And Jeff- it appears that you have your machine going through a 3 minute cool down three times in a row- is that right or did you duplicate code there?



      Sorry that I’m hogging up this forum but this is exciting stuff! Yes, this works!! Just tried it and I read both of your fils on my roasting program!!

      A few things I learned. If you use “open with” on the .coff file and select Word Pad it remembers it after that so if you double click on any .coff file it will automatically open and you can amend the file, copy it etc. right there and then when you close it you will be asked if you want to save it or not.

      For instance, I could not do a start up at only a 5 fan speed- my beans won’t leave the bottom of the roaster, so I amended Ken’s file to make the starting 2.5 minutes at a 9 fan speed. Otherwise, I left Ken’s file alone. Still wondering what level of roast this would get me.

      Next, yes, Jeff you had the last three minutes at 9 fan speed, heat at zero entered 3 times, but that doesn’t seem to matter. In the program it only shows up once. Apparently when the temp is set at zero, and the count-down is over, that’s the end of the program, period. I still amended your file and took the duplications out.

      Now to post this info up on the FB group page! I can upload text files there so all you have to do is just download them and change the extension to .coff and you’re good to go!



      Okay- your files are uploaded to the Facebook page.
      I hope you don’t mind.
      I found that I can even upload .coff files so that’s really way cool although they can’t be opened in Facebook.
      If anyone joins and wants to upload a profile .coff file, please feel free to do so but if you do, please explain what kind of roast it has produced for you.
      Guess that’s about it- headed to bed now- had an espresso that kept me up to late tonight but it was fun!




      I’m too new at this to know for sure, but based on what little I (think I) know, I’d say it was between City and City+. However, as you know, there are so many variables involved that by itself that means almost nothing.

      I’m using the beans (seeds) that came with my SR-700: Ethiopian Yirgachefe (wet processed). They are very small. I’ve been using 3 level scoops, which have weighed around 90g, raw. Volume is important, too — that corresponds to about 1/2 cup (125 ml). On my two (decent) attempts, I’ve lost 12.5% and 13% weight. (The 12.5% one being a lighter roast; I don’t think it made it to all the way to City, but close. I used a slightly different recipe, with a bit less time at high heat and then cooling immediately thereafter.)

      I’m confused by what you wrote here:
      For instance, I could not do a start up at only a 5 fan speed- my beans won’t leave the bottom of the roaster, so I amended Ken’s file to make the starting 2.5 minutes at a 9 fan speed.

      The first line of my recipe was:
      That shows a fan speed of 9 already. So I’m not sure what you edited, but the last two lines should definitely have their fan speeds swapped (as I mentioned above).



      On the previous page, TennDave wisely wrote:
      Even easier would be an up or down arrow for each thing- Fan/Temp/Time… not sure if all of that could fit on the front of the machine but it should be possible in the software- the two don’t have to be identical… Just a thought.

      I would go even one step further for the software: Why not just be able to set the fan speed with a single click (1-9 radio buttons), as well as the temperature (Cool, Low, Medium, High radio buttons)?

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