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      Good afternoon. Myself and a number of my colleagues have SR700s or are considering purchasing SR700s (moving from the 500 or 300s) and we’re all software engineers and hackers. Each of us has slightly different ideas, but they all gel around being able to control and/or read data off the SR700 from various platforms – RaspPi, Arduino, Linux.

      Realizing that you guys may not have the capacity to churn out software for platforms beyond Windows for the time being, we’d be more than happy to help – open sourcing anything we come up with to contribute back to the community.

      To this end, it would help if you could publish code and/or specs to how the communication protocol to the SR700 works. It would allow us to iterate and get something useful put together more quickly than debugging through and reverse engineering the USB/serial protocol that the comm board uses.

      Would Home Roasting Supplies have any interest in helping out?

      Brice Ruth

      — enthusiast home roaster / hacker / maker


      Hi Brice,
      I know our program is kinda boring and has potential. I do have all the codes for the base. Talk me through the process. Would you be able to make the program easier to download? And alter the program to show certain graphs (time VS heat) as customers have requested? Many have asked for a program to work with Apple? Is that possible? I could send you a SR700 to get you started if you do not own one already. Please give me a call (435) 729-9170. And we can talk.
      Thank you,



      Hello, I am one brice’s colleagues and I am excited to help on this. I too own an sr-700, and am willing to offer my help. I will let Brice contact you & look forward to an opportunity to contribute.

      Thanks for the reply.



      bdruth and sterno3- please find your way over to “FreshRoast Coffee Roasters” group on Facebook- we are a growing community with 46 members now!



      I registered on the forum just to support this request.

      Sam and everyone at HomeRoastingSupplies – we deeply appreciate your openess and looking to the community for feedback on the software.

      The biggest and best thing you could possibly do for the FreshRoast community is not specific software features as a one-off release, but to let these guys (and everyone else) develop software that works with the SR700 as an open source project.

      It costs nothing, makes the platform infinitely more popular amongst the serious home-roasting tweakers (Homeroasters.org, etc), and the software can add new features the community wants quickly and continually.

      To Brice and company – I wouldn’t be any help to develop it, but if you guys get this project on github I know there are bunch of us that can help test and contribute bug reports.



      I agree with you- thank you Sam and HomeRoastingSupplies!! You guys have gone over and beyond and it is very much appreciated!
      That said, I also agree about open-sourcing the code so that others can make this software more flexible! I can help but I’m certainly not a programmer- most of my help would be with suggestions on what features would be helpful!



      Yes. Open Source.
      The first question my son asked after he tasted my first (and worst) roast effort was:

      How can I talk to the machine?

      We will probably just extract the packets on the USB, but info would be easier and appreciated.




      Brice, Mike, and David,

      If you are still following this thread: Some other FreshRoast enthusiasts have already started this as an Open Source project.

      It’s available on github and they are looking for more contributors: https://github.com/Roastero/Roastero

      It’s built with python and Qt so it’s going to work on every platform.

      Sam – if you are in contact with these guys could you let them know about the project and that they are looking for more help?




      Cool, thanks! Checking it out now!!



      Wow, love the passion here. For the non-coders, can we just download the first release and install on Windows? Or is it not to that point yet?




      Hi Sam,

      I have a question regarding how the SR 700 works. It seems like the roaster has predefined temperatures at each level (low, medium, high), and the roaster will adjust how much heat is applied to maintain a consistent temperature at each level regardless of the fan speed. Thus, if I want to target a temperature between medium and high, I would need to alternate between heat levels to maintain the temperature I was wanting.

      Is that a correct assessment of the functionality? If so, do you have any concerns about rapidly swapping between heat levels to try and maintain an in-between temperature? I would like to try this out but I don’t want to diminish the life of my roaster by pushing the machine this way if it will cause harm.

      Thank you for a great product!

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