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      I’m learning to use my SR500 and am trying to make a lighter roast. I always start with low heat, high fan, then move to medium heat with a slower fan, then to high heat. The problem is that when first crack is done, the beans are too dark on the outside, yet taste grassy and under roasted. I suspect that the outer part of the beans are over-roasted, but the inner parts are under roasted.

      After much experimentation, I tried roasting more slowly by turning cooling on for 30 seconds once every minute of roasting. I do 1 min on low heat, hi fan, then 30 seconds cool. Then repeat that until the beans ae uniformly light brown. Then I do medium heat for a minute, then cool 30 seconds. After a couple of cycles at meiumm heat I move to high heat and 15 second cooling cycles. This eliminates the grassy flavor, but I never get to first crack. I just go by the color. And the results taste much better.

      Any suggestions for how to get lighter roasts and still hear first crack?




      What is the weight of the beans that you are roasting? I roast under 100 grams each time which is small but it keeps the beans moving. I follow the same heat/fan profile as you but usually don’t have issues with over-roasting.

      Depending on the bean and environment, I usually hear first crack from 3:30 to 4 minutes in. My roasts last between 7 and 8 minutes.

      I also find my brewing methods can significantly change the tasted. When I lowered my water temperature, I really got a nice taste.



      I have an sr700 so beware any differences, but here’s my take:

      roasting at low heat with fan speed of 9 gives a temp of ~430 degrees, which is too low to hit the peak roast temp you might want, but it’s not very far off. By contrast, roasting medium with a fan speed of 8 gives me a temperature of ~480 degrees. You could try simply lowering the fan speed on the low heat setting and see if that gives you better results.

      I’ve read allowing the temperature to drop during roast tends to result in a “baked” flavor, so I think leaving it on low heat with a modest fan speed decrease might help.

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      Thanks for the replies! I’m roasting between 130 and 140 grams. I’ve tried roasting 100 grams, and that moves around well but doesn’t get as hot. Yesterday I added 2 steel rings in the bottom of the roasting chamber which seems to help with airflow. See the post All SR700 Users – You have to try this!

      Yesterday, I put a thermometer probe in to the beans and saw that cooling for 30 seconds really dropped the temp a lot. So I cooled for about 5 seconds twice in the early stage – low temp, high speed. Then I just moderated the fan as I went to medium and high heat, occasionally using more fan to stir up the beans. I got to fc, and when there were no more cracks I started cooling.

      The color is still darker than I want, but there is no grassy flavor. I will try just using medium heat the next time.

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