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      Hello all,

      I just purchased an Fresh Roast SR700 after using an popcorn maker for about 8 months. I’m excited about using the computer to program my roaster but but do not have a place to put a computer in my tiny kitchen. I read in an ad/review (@ roastmasters.com) that the SR700 was able to work without being attached to the computer which is why I purchased it instead of the SR500.

      In my naivety I assumed, yes I know what that makes me :), the SR700 would have flash memory or something that could save the program after being unplugged such that I could carry the base to my living room to program it then move it back under the range hood to roast. I can’t get that to work because as soon as the USB is disconnected the front panel goes blank and I can’t get it to do anything until the computer/USB is reconnected.

      Does anyone know of a way to use the SR700 without it being attached to a computer?

      On another topic, I am very interested in joining the discussion on the Facebook group but I’m not a Facebook member and am not really interested in joining. My wife is a ardent facebooker but I don’t really find the social site scene interesting. Dedicated subject forums is much more my style. Is there any way I can join in your Fresh Roast coffee roasting fun without joining Facebook?



      Well I found that my new SR700 had a manufacturing defect and wouldn’t work at all. Now that’s fixed it works fine with and without the computer.

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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