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      If you have any questions or comments please post them. We love to hear from our customers.

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      My wife loves her Fresh Roast 500 and has been using it for 2 years. A few weeks ago, the coffee she roasted came out a light tan color and was not drinkable. The ambient temp on the back porch where she was working was about 60 degrees, so we thought that might be the problem.

      She just tried again inside (temp about 68 degrees) and after 6 minutes on high the coffee was a bit darker but not fully roasted. I tested the roaster temp without beans (with a Thermopen instant thermometer) and it reached a max of 410 degrees.

      What do you suggest?


      have you ever taken an air compressor to the base to help clean and blow out and dust/chaff that has collected on the heater or fan. This will loosen and help bring the SR back to life. The air vents on the bottom of the machine and top vents, this is where I shoot air and you can see the dust and chaff come out. If the roaster still has a problem, please contact us at homeroastingsupplies@gmail.com.

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      What is the average eXperia life of an Sr assuming two roasts per week and adequate coeaning, mntce? This is not intended to be a loaded question, I am just looking for a realistic Ave to compare costs/life of the Sr vs a popper.

      What parts are life critical, it if they fail you cannot replace?



      Boy, that was a really bad post gang. Sorry. I’m writing from my tablet and auto-correct took over. What I was trying to get was an estimated life of an SR. Assuming 2 roast sessions per week, 5 batches per roast session, and normal mntce. I am looking for a realistic lifetime so I can compare this to a hot air popper. Hot air poppers last me about 1 year with usage as above.


      The SR series of roasters are easier to use and cleaner to use. The hot air popper will blow the chaff everywhere and it will get into your roast. I did a roast yesterday with a SR300 and it turned out fantastic. I set the time and watched it from my other work bench. Turned out great. We have a 1 year warranty with the option to purchase a 2nd year for $10. I will have SR300 and Sr500 in stock in a week.



      Just a few comments I’d like to share in hopes that this will lead to product improvements. I own the SR700, and my comments mainly apply to that roaster.

      1. I visited your Web site today and discovered that you are now offering an extended warranty. I would love to get that, but it turns out my SR700 is 1 year + a few weeks old, so I missed my chance. I’m so sad. :-(

      2. Great discussions & progress on the open source software! Is there any way that the software could be packaged up someday with simple instructions for your customers who are not techies? I couldn’t get it to work.

      3. Is there any way to overwrite the default roast profile? I never use it. (Sorry.) It looks like I can only save one custom profile at a time, which is a real inconvenience if I want to use different profiles for different coffee beans. It would really help if I could save one more profile, but ideally it would be best if we could store 10 or 20 different profiles. It’s really impractical for me to attach a computer every time I want to use the roaster!

      4. Along the same line of thought, I would love it if the front panel showed the current temperature.

      5. Some people have recommended making a ring to put in the bottom of the SR700’s glass container to prevent some beans from over- or under-roasting. Can you design and test one that doesn’t warp, and then make it available for sale as an accessory? Either that, or just redesign the bottom of the glass container?

      6. ‘Would love to see a couple of software/firmware fixes. First, when plugging in the roaster, dashes are displayed on the front panel. Why not just start with the last-used profile? Second, the Program dialog in the Fresh Beans Roaster application is a little odd. There’s a Download button for saving the profile to the SR700, but it doesn’t take effect unless you click the x in the top right corner to close the dialog. That’s hard to guess and hard to remember. Then there’s a Save button in the main dialog to save the edited profile to your computer. I suggest replacing the Download button in the Program dialog with a Save button that brings up a pop-up containing these choices: 1) Save profile to SR700, 2) Save profile to computer, 3) Save profile to both, and 4) Cancel. This would also let you remove the Save button from the main dialog, which is a confusing location.

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