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      A simple fix for the SR700 that ends burnt beans!



      Thanks to Speedfixer’s suggestion there is a simple solution to the problem the SR700 has with burning a few beans with every roast!
      As everyone who has one of these roaster’s knows, there are almost always a few burnt beans, and you may notice them from the very beginning of the roast cycle.
      Speedfixer suggested making a metal ring that fits the bottom of the roast chamber and said that it eliminates this problem. HE IS CORRECT!
      I used a scrap piece of #10 copper household wire. If you don’t have it you can get a piece free from any electrician.
      Cut an 8″ piece, clean it well and bend it carefully into a circle. You can do this with you fingers except for the ends which may take a pair of pliers to bend. Bend slowly and gradually to form as good a circle as you can.
      Drop this into the bottom of the glass roast chamber and you will get no more burned beans!
      None. Nada.
      This is the simplest, cheapest and most effective alteration you could possibly make to perfect this already great machine!
      Do it.
      Thanks Speedfixer!



      pics of the mod?



      I haven’t been able to figure out how to post pictures on this site.
      Here is a link to the Sweet Maria forum where I have posted some pictures:


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      I added the following post to the Sweet Maria’s site regarding an issue I had with the first ring I made warping due to the heat. I made a second ring out of some heavier duty material hoping it would solve the warping problem but…
      (From the SM Post)
      As an additional note to the use of these rings:
      The second ring I made also had some issues with warping which led back to burned beans, so on a whim I threw the other ring on top of it.
      This seems to have solved the problem. I’ve been using the two rings one on top of the other since and done quite a few roasts with no burned beans despite the slightly warped rings.
      So – if you have any issues with one ring, just make another and try using both.
      If anyone has a more elegant solution, please let me know – I imagine better materials and better manufacturing skills would help!
      I would hope Fresh Roast will pick up on this and manufacture something better.

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