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      What is the latest update on when a European 220V / 50hz model home roaster might become available for shipment to Israel, whether it will be a 300, 500 or 700 (I hope for a 300; don’t really need the bells & whistles) and the price outlook, including shipping — so that I won’t have to inquire repeatedly.

      BTW, what is an SEO?


      It will be a design similar to the SR500. The 220V will be our priority after the U.S. holidays. We will ship them from straight from our manufacturing facility in China to all countries requiring the 220/230v roasters.



      It’s about time. I think you’re going to discover that the worldwide market is ripe for an inexpensive home roaster. I know quite a few people who would never consider something like a Gene Cafe roaster, but would buy a reasonably priced roaster like the SR300 without hesitation.

      Good luck!



      can you update us the latest about 220v sr500?it has been in talks since last year but still no show!we are waiting for it,is it in production or is it close to release?



      Any news regarding 220V models?



      I think it was a couple of years of inquiring about the 220V model via email before I started this thread. It was supposed to be a few months back when I first emailed, perhaps 2012 or so; so long ago I can’t remember. Years of no results, nor even updates, suggest they’re not serious about it or face some kind of immovable barriers or something. Anyway, clearly, it seems to be going nowhere… and already arrived there.



      hello! any news on 220V models?

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